noviembre 20


THE BIG FOUR FOR EVERY LEADER—To Last Himself and Inspire Others to Last Long Term

noviembre 20, 2021

To Last Himself and Inspire Others to Last Long Term

The BIG4 are known, been around for a long time—the question is…

❓⠀Are you paying attention to the Big4 regularly, systematically, even automatically?

That is the KEY to LAST and help others LAST. Would you say this is something you would like?

✅⠀BODY: Your Physical comes first! No question. Without this one, it is game over. You might end up being the greatest one that was going to do great things… in the grave.

✅⠀EMOTIONS: If your relationships are not doing well… ______ (you can fill in the blank) Have you been there? Are you there? If you’ve been you must be motivated to get it right with your next partner/spouse, with your family, with friends, with colleagues, boss, equals, employees, you name it… this makes or breaks your business also, by the way.

✅⠀MIND: The more you learn and implement, the more you can influence, drive, train and help your people and the world. Constant learning is how you remain relevant, actualized and can in touch with the needs of those you serve or sell to.

✅⠀SPIRIT: Would be silly for any leader to deny that your inner self—your soul, your spirit, however way you want to call it—does not play a major part in helping you last for the long haul. So… what are you doing to keep this aspect of your life in good, better, excellent shape?

✅⠀…These four most evident BIG4 cover your whole life. If you do something to keep them at a good level, you will be happy and make your loved ones and others around you happy… and that, my friend, is what leadership and success is all about.

Play Nice But Win: A CEO’s Journey from Founder to Leader—Michael Dell

Emotional Intelligence—Daniel Goleman

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Workbook: Revised and Updated—John C. Maxwell

The Power Is Within You—Louise L. Hay

The Power of Now—Ekhart Tolle

💪 🔥 GO ALL-OUT! In all FOUR ASPECTS and Shoot Your Happiness! 💪 🔥

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Rody Correa

Rody Correa - CEO and Founder

Padre de 6, emprendedor, traductor desde 1981, estuvo en toda América del sur y desde 2002 en México y EE. UU.

Entrepreneurial father of 6, translator since 1981, travelled all over South America y resides in Mexico and USA since 2002.

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