Interpretation Portfolio

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Remote Simultaneous Interpretation for several Planning, Strategy meetings with participants around the world. 


On-Site Simultaneous Interpretation in Mexico City. 


Multiple events with the following Embassies: USA, Canada, France, England, Denmark, Sweden, Israel, Iceland, Thailand, Iran, Morocco, Tunisia, Philippines, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia.


Remote Simultaneous Interpretation. Meetings between participants around the world via Zoom, Interprety or other such platforms.


1º y 2º Communication Meetings - Acapulco, Gro. Televisa, 1974 & 1979.
Gathering Vuelta – Televisa.  
All the events organized by the Mexican Institute of Communications.
Interpretation &/or events for Mobile Telecommunications Companies.


For 20 years, all the National Olympics Committee Association events.
Solidaridad Olímpica de las Américas
Organización Deportiva Panamericana.
Events by the International Olympics Committee.


Multiple events with Programmers and Managers for Market Research, Product Development interviewing Users and Drivers.


International Congress of Top Executive Level Women.
Events for the private sector in the following Companies, among others, Chrysler, Ford, GE, HP, IBM, etc.
Events for non-profit Organizations like AA, Rescuing Dogs, Association Against Animal Cruelty, among others. Interpretation &/or events for Women's Institute.
Interpretation &/or events the ITAM (Technological Autonomous Institute of Mexico).

Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson Hosts Romanian President Klaus Iohannis At The State Department

Government Institutions

US department of State, US department of Energy, International Chamber of Commerce, International Society of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Department of Justice - USA Secretary of Secuirty - Mexico


Interpretation for the Dallas Court. (2016)


Laser Safety Officers Training Course - Interpretation (2016 - Mexico)


Day of new electrical technology presentations at the Puebla, México, VW plan.