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julio 20, 2022

There is wisdom in nature. You may have heard that bamboos also teach us a lesson on patience. Trees in general, lend a wonderful and eloquent metaphor for life. They generally get stronger through opposition, they do not fight agains natural changes, they give fruit, shelter, shade, they are gracious.

The bamboo in particular, takes years to spread its roots underground, before you even see anything sprout out. And when it comes out, it grows at a rapid pace.

“Water the bamboo” is a metaphor for team and individual success. It’s a concept based on the type of bamboo that grows like no other plant in the world: If you water giant timber bamboo in the first year, nothing happens. If you water the second year, nothing happens. If you water the third year, nothing happens. But when you water the bamboo the fourth year, it will rocket up an astonishing 90 feet in only 60 days. (Courtesy of Training Mag)

The other aspect is the title of this article from a Japanese proverb. A bamboo that bends is stronger than an oak that resists, 

<img decoding=” /> When you accept what is, you find peace and solutions.

<img decoding=” /> Much of life is about solving problems. No way around it. Life is perfectly imperfect!

<img decoding=” /> Play the game by being in the game, which takes Being!

<img decoding=” />  Afraid of what? Of failing? Put it this way… it is guaranteed that you will fail, so stop fearing it, rather PREPARE with determination to overcome, keep going and leverage failure. That is the difference between losers and winners.

<img decoding=” /> <img decoding=” /> LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL! Keep overcoming one battle at a time! <img decoding=” /> <img decoding=” />

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Rody Correa

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Entrepreneurial father of 6, translator since 1981, travelled all over South America y resides in Mexico and USA since 2002.

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